Whether you like winter or not, there are ideas and products to help you get through the season, which are related to car driving, motorcycling and cycling, being out and about, and at home. As with all my promotional products, which could carry your business name, logo or message, if you give the item you want to give away some thought, it can work for you for a long time.

I have focussed on four ideas here, but there are many others to consider too.

Ice Scrapers

In winter time, I often attend a meeting where business colleagues thank me for a printed ice scraper I have given them, perhaps years previously, and which they have appreciated that very morning!

There are many options available, from a simple credit card size, to one with a built-in heater or light! Some will incorporate an insulated glove for comfort, and others may have a rubber squeegee strip to deal with condensation. I have even seen really heavy duty ones made in Germany, to deal with the harshest central European winters!

One thing they have in common? They all have a great print area, often taking up most of the flat area on one side (or sometimes both).

This makes it an ideal product to give to a motorist to advertise your company (or to deliver a road safety message), because it is likely to sit in the car, to be called on as often as required.

COB Light products

I saw these products recently: a beanie, a rucksack and a drawstring bag, all with a built-in COB light array. You may have come across COB Lights –

COB stands for ‘Chips on Board’ and it is a new form of LED lighting. In the case of these products, the COB lights are in a set of four, built into each one, and they give off serious bright light. For children walking home from school, workers on the roadside, horseriders and dog walkers, or anyone who wants to be seen and safe, this is a great idea. The batteries may be easily replaced, and each product is well made – and of course, each can be printed (or embroidered) with your meassge.

This technology is also available in exceptionally bright hand torches.


COB Beanie for blog   COB Drawstring for blog

Travel Mugs & Flasks

What would be nicer than to have an insulated container that could keep your tea or coffee hot, when out and about on a cold day? Being double-walled, these products can comfortably be held in the hand too. There are colourful travel mugs or ones with a Stainless Steel finish, which may be printed or engraved.

Then there are the increasingly popular bottles, which can keep hot drinks hot for 12 hours, and cold drinks cold for 48 hours.

There are many options available, at different prices and in different styles.


Travel Mugs for blog 



There are lots of ideas to keep you and your staff warm this winter, whether they are padded jackets, fleeces, soft-feel jackets and body warmers. Then there are several ranges of hi-viz products. These may be printed or embroidered, depending on the garment style, and can create a really professional look and feel.

Please check out this link, to see a vast arrange of clothing, for every season – https://www.full-collection.com/

Other winter promotional product ideas include Hand Warmers, Keyring Torches, Umbrellas, Windscreen Protectors, Scarves and Hats – but how about your own ideas?!