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In November, the 11th Road Safety GB Conference was held in the International Centre, Telford. And it was AG Products’ 10th attendance in the side exhibition.

I always enjoy going to RSGB and meeting some clients with whom I have been working for many years, and who have often become friends. And it is equally great meeting new (to me) Road Safety professionals, and finding out about the challenges and successes they have in the different areas represented, from all over the UK.

Since the first conference I attended, in 2010 (and from before) I have worked with Road Safety council clients from Shetland all the way down to Cornwall, and many in between! Each year I attend, I try to show new things, new Promotional

Merchandise to help support a Road Safety campaign, whether it be targeted at children, the elderly, pedestrians, car drivers, teenagers, horse riders, cyclists, motorcyclists, people with special needs, and newly qualified drivers.

This year was no exception, and some of my new products really caught the eye. There was the Pen with the textured clip, from Bic pens, which I had had produced for the conference to make it feel a bit like a road surface, complete with yellow lines! I know people like a tactile product, and since the aim with any specially commissioned Promotional Product is to have it kept by the recipient, I think that would work very well.

Any design could work on the textured clip, and in full colour – as well as the yellow lines idea, it could incorporate a de-sign to encourage cars to keep their distance, or it could feature a tyre tread or a safety belt theme. It would even look really great with a road sign, a set of traffic lights or even just a logo or slogan – the raised ‘3D’ style lettering would be just as impactful. 50% of the material for this pen is recycled.

250 of these pens, with a full colour textured clip, and 1 colour to the barrel, will cost just 99p each with free origination, carriage @ £20 and plus VAT

Another product I featured, was the pen with Erasable Ink! I may have seen too many spy movies, but I like this idea, and with it also being a Bic product, as well as the erasing feature, it also is a great writer, and would be printed with an advert in a clear and sharp way.

The pen comes in four colours and the body colour is the same as the ink colour – the colours are Black, Blue, Red & Green. I did some research before I had the pens printed for me to give way, and I understand that in schools, teachers want the children to write in black ink – so I went for black pens, because I am sure this interesting and unusual pen will go down well with older primary age children, secondary age and also students. I also discovered that in some schools, the children mark each other’s work, using green ink (who knew!) – so there’s another opportunity for the green option.

But may be this pen could be used in campaigns aimed at other sectors, in that it is something a bit different. The pen comes with a carrier card, giving it a retail product feel.

250 of these pens, with 1 colour to the barrel will cost just £1.50 each with free origination, carriage @ £20 and plus VAT

The other writing instrument to really ‘wow the audience’ was the Sprout Pencil – the pencil that grows into a tomato plant! What a fascinating idea – use the pencil in the normal way, and when it has been sharpened down to a stub, plant it and watch it grow, and produce cherry tomatoes (or from the other seeds available – sunflowers, daisies, basil, coriander, thyme and forget-me- not – among others) – or you could simply cheat by not waiting!

I believe this would be a great product to promote sustainable travel and low-emission neighbourhoods. It would be a memorable product, and would lend itself to ongoing promotion, if those who grow the plants perhaps send images of their successes, which could prolong and add to the campaign.

The pencil will come with a carrier card, which has simple instructions on the reverse, but another selling point is the full colour print space available for the advert or message – and this would be in full colour. It is such a great ‘green’ product which I know would go down well.

The MOQ is 500 units and the all-inclusive price is £2.25 each, and 1,000 are at £1.75 each Prices are plus VAT

Let me know if you would like to see samples of any of these.