NHS -We’re Supporting (rws 200×200)A

Great Window Sticker ideas for your consideration.

Each size of sticker has space for your company’s or organisation’s logo and details in full colour.

They have been designed for windows in your car and windows in your home, and will be made of cling material.

Apart from the money that these will generate for charity in their own right (see below), the company buying
them could add to the donation if they chose to.

Either way, each sticker could mention the money being raised.

Car Sticker

Size – 200mm x 50mm (will fit a DL envelope) Why not post them out to your clients, for when car journeys start again?

250 (MOQ) @ 80p each             500 @ 70p each              1,000 @ 60p each

+ carriage @ £15 (Plus VAT)

House Sticker

Size – 200mm x 200mm – not meant to take the place of the lovely hand-drawn pictures, made by children and adorning houses across the land – more of a way for a company to show their own material support of the NHS.

250 (MOQ)  @ £1.30 each          500 @ £1.20 each          1,000 @ £1.00 each

+ carriage @ £15 (Plus VAT)

Our Donation

Sales of both stickers will generate 20p from each one sold, and this will benefit a NHS charity*


250 stickers will generate £50.00*
500 stickers will generate £100.00*
1,000 stickers will generate £200.00*

*I am donating 10p per sticker, and so is my printer. The 10p per sticker I am raising, will go to a local Banbury NHS charity (unless my customer wants the donation to go to one nearer where they are). The 10p per sticker raised by my printed will go to his local NHS charity in Lancashire. More details on application.

Want to know more? Call me; 01295 259608 OR 07932 164663