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Printed pens have for a long time, been the number one promotional product in our industry. They remain a high-perceived-value item, after all, who really throws a pen away while it still works?

We sell all sorts of writing instruments from budget ball pens, with prices starting from 10p each for a one colour print., and at the other other end of the scale, beautifully crafted Waterman, Sheaffer and Cross pens costing up to £50 each. In between are hundreds of choices, including Senator, Bic, Prodir and Parker and pens to suit all tastes and all budgets.

Most pens sold today, both generally and as a promotional product are Ballpoint pens. Rollerballs tend to be at a slightly higher price, and Fountain pens, are usually available at the higher end.

Pencils come in a range of colours and usually have an eraser end. We can also supply them without, where the end is cut straight, or the end is rounded and dipped in colour. We can supply automatic or clutch pencils, in usually a plastic body, where the lead can be extended at the push of a button,

For an added value gift, one could consider a pen & pencil or ballpoint and rollerball pen set, where both items in the set can be personalised, and supplied in an attractive gift box.

Some facts to consider when selecting and ordering writing instruments

  • Some pens can now be printed digitally, allowing for full colour images
  • If a particular ink colour is required (some professions only use black or blue, for example), it is best to check because some ranges only offer one or the other.
  • Pencils are still often sold in multiples of a gross (144), and for example, 1,008 would be the closest order quantity to a requested amount of 1,000.
  • Many pens have the option of multiple print areas: on the barrel, on the cap or at the top of the pen next to, or behind the clip, and on the clip itself. Each extra print would be an additional cost, but could be useful as a way of getting across extra information, such as a web address
  • Other pen styles are available include permanent markers, hi-lighters and neck pens
  • For the healthcare and catering sectors, we also offer pens which have anti-bacterial and anti-fungal properties
  • Many pens are available which are made from recycled products, and some pencils are certified as being produced from a sustainable wood source.

The images below show examples of low-cost pens, high-end Cross Pens, and also pens which may be printed in full colour. Please contact us for advice, samples and prices.