Mugs are an extremely popular promotional products, and we offer both earthenware and china. Earthenware is the more popular and less expensive style, and there are many shapes offered. There are less china shapes offered, and the prices are a bit higher, but some clients prefer the more delicate look and feel of this style of mug.

Mugs are usually supplied in multiples of 36 (the traditional carton quantity) and the minimum quantity we can supply is 72 mugs. Higher quantities will be 108, 25 and 504, for example.

The most common form of decoration of a personalised mug is screen printing in one, two or more colours. It is possible also to print full colour printing, but the set-up costs and the unit costs to produce and apply the transfer, will be considerably higher.

Once the image is ‘fired’ onto the mug, in a kiln, it should be dishwasher proof, however, this is always subject to how often it is washed and the strength of the dishwasher. It is always best to check first! China mugs, which often have a gold rim and handle flash applied, won’t be suitable for a dishwasher (nor a microwave, because the gold paint which is applied, has real gold content).

We also offer latte mugs, cups and saucers, commemorative plates and ceramic coasters.

  • Certain colours are difficult to print accurately, because when the mug is fired, the colour may change. Colours in the red to pink range are particularly tricky.
  • Screen charges are applied per colour printed, but these tend not to be applicable on orders of 504 and over.
  • Each mug will have a specific print area. This will need to start a little away from the handle, and away from both the base and the rim. The shapes of certain mugs, especially ones which taper, means that the print area may be reduced in depth.
  • Within the print area, any part may be printed. The most common layout is where a logo or design is repeated front and back, with either the same details, or slightly different on one of the sides. This means the drinker can see the same image as someone across the table. We can print other layouts, where the logo or text is printed opposite the handle.
  • Another eye-catching style is the ‘WOW’ mug, where the design is masked by a black print, which quickly disappears when hot tea or coffee is added, thus dramatically exposing the the image beneath.
  • We now offer acrylic mugs which are an attractive and stylish alternative, in an environment where ceramic breakages would be an issue.