Post-It Notes were developed by 3M in the 1970s, when Art Fry, used a low-tack adhesive developed by colleague Spencer Silver, to make a note pad. Originally called ‘Press ‘n Peel’ notes, they didn’t take off, but the product was re-named  ‘Post-It Notes’ and successfully re-launched across the U.S, in 1980. The product came to Europe in 1981.

Until the early 1990s, they were only produced in the 3M plant in Cynthiana, Kentucky, and although most of the World’s sticky or re-positionable notes still are, 3M’s patent eventually expired.

Now there are many suppliers who produce their own style of sticky notes, except the only one which may be called a ‘Post-It Note’ is still made by 3M. Some people prefer the original 3M product, but a similar pad can be supplied at a lower price.

As a retail product, the most common colour for the 3M product is yellow, in the shape of a 76mm square. However, most of the notes produced for the promotional market use white paper, simply because Logos look better on a white background.

We can now supply different shaped and different sized pads. The square shape is still popular, but the most common size we sell is the A7 size (105mm x 75mm), with 50 sheets of paper. There are also  special shaped Pads available, even sticky pad blocks of paper.

This product remains one of our best-sellers. It has a high perceived value, in that it is a useful desk item, while being reasonably priced. It would be an ideal product to mail, being relatively light-weight and usually flat.

From a design point of view, this product may be printed in spot colour, or process printed. Depending on the client’s logo, either print style can produce a very smart looking notepad. Obviously the pad needs to be usable, with enough space left after printing the logo for the end-user to write on. However, this doesn’t mean that the design needs to be restricted: it is perfectly possible to have a very faint ‘watermark’ style print across the writing area, perhaps reproducing the logo.

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