Merch boxes & Gift Packs

Merch boxes and gift packs are a great way to reach out to colleagues and clients.

Imagine receiving a box containing a bespoke collection of superb printed promotional items, and how you would feel. It could include items such as insulated bottles, notebooks, pens, face masks, sanitiser, and of course, chocolate! Then imagine your staff or customers being delighted that they had been remembered by you in this way, with all products personalised for your company!

Promotional products gift box

The Highest Quality

Show how much you care

The Postal Gift Box

Reach out to your colleagues and clients with a care package to show them you care.

Designed to go through the letterbox, these postal boxes filled with goodies could be just the pick-me-up your recipient needs!

Choose your fillings from a selection of chocolates and sweets, microwave popcorn or a refreshing pack of tea and coffee.

Postal Gift Packs
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With years of experience designing and creating promotional products, I know what works, what’s to be avoided and where you can get the best value for money. At AG Products, I offer great flexibility in terms of design, budget, style and quantity, and am always happy to discuss your preferred elements. Just ask!