Winter promotional product and business gift ideas, from AG Products in BanburyOxfordshire.

As the temperature drops, and winter descends, we can recommend seasonal products such as ice scrapers, thermal mugs, fleeces and jackets, reflectors, umbrellas and tyre pressure gauges.

Ice Scrapers

Our on-line catalogue offers several styles from 60p, and some of the options will include a rubber strip de-mister. For those in the motor industry this would be an ideal, low-cost gift, and one which could easily be sent as part of a mail campaign.

Thermal Mugs

Thermal Mugs come in a variety of styles and colours, from a standard stainless steel  finish to a brightly coloured version. This product is a great way to fight the cold wind, by keeping your tea and coffee hot! From £2.36 each.

Fleeces and Jackets

Although the clothing shown is only a fraction of what is available, we show a range of warm and wind-proofed fleeces and gilets. There are padded jackets as well, and all can be beautifully embroidered either for your staff to use, or use as a special thank-you gift.


Suitable for both children and adults, and with a road safety message in mind, there are several shapes and styles offered. As the dark nights come upon us, this fun product may be attached to a bag, rucksack, or jacket, or to the spokes of a bicycle, to help keep the user safe and to promote this serious message.


Umbrellas come in lots of different options, from budget to top of the range golf umbrellas. There are ladies handbag styles and ones that open at the touch of a button. For something different, have a look at the Quadbrella, with its 1m square canopy, or the Totes Gents Supermini, ideal to fit in a briefcase. Some may be printed all over with a dye-sublimated process, whereas other designs will be suitable for a standard screen print on one or four alternate panels. Whichever you choose, they all do the same job: keeping off the rain, which I can promise will be here in the next few months!

Tyre Pressure Gauge

This is a practical, keyring-style motoring accessory, small enough for a mail out and well-priced from 79p each. With varying driving conditions inevitable over the winter, having tyres maintained at the correct pressure is a real safety consideration.

You will find details of all these products within the pages of our on-line catalogue, but please call if you would like more information, or would like a copy of our catalogue.