I saw this great eco product recently – an environmentally friendly children’s medal.
It is a change for the good in my opinion, away from plastic and non-recyclable ribbon.
This medal is made of FSC wood and rPET material for the ribbon.
FSC wood (aka the Forest Stewardship Council) is produced from forests that are responsibly managed,
socially beneficial, environmentally conscious and economically viable.
RPET material is recycled from packaging materials, including plastic bottles.

The 50mm wooden medal may be printed or engraved on one or both sides (although the FSC logo is shown on the back
of the medal).
The lanyards come in a range of coloured ribbon.

These are available from 300 units and are similar in cost to the plastic type.

If you are looking to reward children with something to recognise achievement, or simply as a commemmorative gift, which has great green credentials, then I would strongly recommend this product.

I have some samples, if you would like me to send you one.

Please email me at steve@agproducts.co.uk