I went to a trade fair last week and one of my golf suppliers said that now was the time to think about golf promotional products. Well, you might think, he would say that, wouldn’t he, but with February now upon us, it isn’t far off Easter, and the time when minds start to think about golf days again. ‘Let’s get some golf balls and golf towels’ someone says, only to find the lead time is now rather long, with delivery a couple of weeks after the golf day itself!

So now perhaps IS the time, and I have suggested a few of the more popular ideas:

Golf Balls, are one of the most ordered golf give-aways, and whereas I normally play with a golf ball that I found in the rough a few holes back (!), some buyers will only ever buy the best. Some, however, will go for a less expensive ball. So what is the difference? Well, while each manufacturer will go into the plus points of their manufactured golf ball, there are some basic pointers



Budget Golf Ball

  • It is very durable and will not scuff, mark or cut easily, and therefore should last longer
  • It will spin less
  • It will usually have a hard cover, thus giving less ‘feel’ for the player
  • It will usually be a ‘Distance Ball’

Top of the Range Ball

  • It will spin more
  • It will give the better golfer more control around the green
  • The softer cover will give more ‘feel’, and more spin control for the better golfer
  • More manoeuvrability and control over the ball for the better golfer

Other points to mention is that unless playing to a good standard, most golfers won’t necessarily appreciate the qualities of the better golf ball. Also, all manufacturers will offer top, mid and budget balls, and a mid-range ball may offer the best compromise between the long distance properties of the budget ball and the increased ‘feel’ of the superior ball.

We offer all types of ball and can advise further if you need more information.

More importantly perhaps, is that whatever ball you choose, each one may be beautifully printed with your company logo, in one colour or multi-colour. A nicely packaged set of three printed golf balls is a product that will always have a high-perceived value.

Other items to consider:

Golf Tees – these come in all sorts of packaging, from wallets, to plastic boxes, to ‘tins of tees’, but each option will offer a print on each tee. Some tees come in gift packs which can include a ball marker, a pencil and divot repairer (each item of which would be printed) in fact there is a huge range of permutations including the above mentioned tees etc, packaged with golf balls, towels and even a golf club groove cleaner. Please ask for more information


Golf Umbrellas – there is a wide range of golf umbrella options, and again at a range of prices. A budget umbrella may do the job for you, but these are generally restricted to a set number of colourways, such as red and white, blue and white, black and white etc. By paying a bit more, one can have a more durable frame, and a much wider selection for the fabric colour. Pantone matching is also possible. Top of the range umbrellas would include the supervent style, with its double canopy cover or a superior handle etc.


Other options

  • Golf towels – embroidered or printed
  • Shoe Bags
  • Bag Tags
  • Golf Gloves
  • Clothing such as Polo Shirts, V Neck Slipovers and Wind Tops
  • Prizes such as crystal and other trophies

There are many things to think about when running a successful golf day, and if we can do our small part in coming up with good ideas, well printed, and equally importantly, on time, we will feel privileged.

So keep playing. and remember, as Phyliis Diller was supposed to have said ‘The reason the Pro tells you to keep you head down is so you can’t see him laughing………’