Age Friendly Banbury HRH Camilla

I was really pleased to see this happy photograph recently. It shows Bee Myson of Age Friendly Banbury, presenting a special enamelled badge, featuring the AFB logo, to Her Royal Highness The Duchess of Cornwall, when she came to Banbury at the end of January, and among other places, visited the RVS Cornhill Centre.


Age Friendly Banbury Enamel badgeAG Promotional Products Ltd was delighted to supply these lovely little badges to AFB, and it’s thanks to Bee and Jayne Woodley of the Oxfordshire Community Foundation, for helping facilitate that.

Have you thought about having an enamelled badge to represent the organisation you represent, or even for your own company (especially if you are celebrating a special anniversary, perhaps).
As you can see when comparing the AFB logo, to the finished badge, faithful interpretations, if not reproductions are entirely possible.

I can offer hard enamelled badges, soft enamelled badges and even printed badges, depending on the requirement


Hard Enamel badges tend to be scratch-resistant and durable, compared to soft enamel. Hard enamel is often chosen over soft enamel because of the clean, finished look. Designs can often work just as well in either hard and soft enamel, so then it comes down to personal preference. Hard enamel badges are filled-in first with colour, then the badge face is ground down to a flat and smooth finish. Certain special metal finishes are incompatible with the grinding and polishing, but if a straightforward gold or silver metal plating, is required, then hard enamel would work well.

Soft Enamel offers a different look and feel and is a very popular type of enamelled badge. In this case, there are raised edges between each enamel colour, resulting in a more textured finish. The soft enamelled badges are then baked in an oven to harden and cure the enamel. As opposed to hard enamel badges, the plating process of a soft enamelled badge, is done before the enamel is added. Therefore, some metal finishes that can only be produced on soft enamel badges.


Age_Friendly_Banbury_LogoSometimes, a design cannot be reproduced by the individual colours of enamelling, and in this case, I can offer Printed Badges. The badge design would be printed on to a regular or shaped metal face and any design, including photographic images may be reproduced.

Want to get hold of your own badge? Check out this link:

(photo credits to Kirsty Edmunds – Banbury Guardian)