Another top 10 promotional item, is the personalised umbrella. This product has a very high-perceived value and you can imagine the impact receiving such a high-end gift will have on your client. Whether your business is one of the professions, in industry, or out-door based, this product would be a great way to get your name across.

Despite our current drought conditions, we all know that our Glorious British Weather demands that we all have an umbrella or two in the back of our car, or in the office! An attractively printed umbrella, one that looks very smart even for use about town, would be a really appreciated gift – one which would generate a lot of goodwill for you.

They may be given to your top clients, used for visitors to your offices or site, and even given for charity events: all of these uses will help increase your profile.

Two tips: firstly, choose a better umbrella if budget allows. It will last a lot longer and will also allow you to choose from a wide range of standard fabric colours. This will enable you to co-ordinate as closely as possible with your house colour. You may also be able to choose the colour of other elements that make up the umbrella. We can even Pantone match to achieve your precise colour, perfectly.

Secondly, regards the printing, it is usually considered that ‘less is more’. Some clients choose to have every other panel printed, while some only want the design on one panel. A simple company name and logo, or perhaps a web address, printed on a few panels, can result in a superb gift.

Useful information about how to order promotional umbrellas

  • Apart form the order quantity, the unit cost is also determined by the number of panels printed and the number of colours printed. The colour of of the fabric covering doesn’t affect the cost.
  • Where there is a choice of handles, these can be a pistol-grip shape in plastic or wood, or a rounded wood handle, a crook handle or even a rubber version.
  •  Some of our umbrellas come with a choice of shaft, spike and frame colour, which can help colour-cordinate the whole product.
  • Golf umbrellas are the best sellers, since they offer the largest print area, and potentially a large advert. Some prefer a smaller ‘walking’ style and there are other options with a shorter rib-length, which can be just as effective. We also offer several telescopic umbrellas, which are very versatile.
  • We can offer automatic umbrellas which open at the touch of a button and this is available in several styles, including both golf and telescopic versions.
  • Dye-sublimation printing allows for full colour printing, which is a great way of advertising complicated logos or even images of actual product.
  • Budget umbrellas are offered at a lower price. While not ideal for long-term use, they can still be a nice and useful product for use as a promotional tool. Unlike superior ranges, however, these will only be offered in set colourways: red & white, blue & white, green & white, all white, all black etc.
  • Umbrellas are a great addition to any golf day you are organising. Accompanied by other golf items, they can help re-inforce feelings of goodwill among your clients. See my earlier blog about golf day planning.
  • We also offer Vented Canopy umbrellas, umbrellas with a square canopy, and classic garden parasols.
  • Umbrellas can have additional touches such as printed tie-wraps, printed decals inserted at the base of the handle and even printed covers.
  • Individual postal tubes are available, if umbrellas need to be posted.